Mission Statement

HAVEN / Beat The Street Inc. is a non-profit organization that is designed to assist all categories of people in need  ie. homeless families, singles, the impoverished.  Focusing on solutions such as  rental assistance and subsides, utility assistance (not cable), transportation, emergency shelter, nutritious food, information and referral (INR). We are the last option but often the first solution. Our faith is the reason for our existence  Matthew 25:31-38


To  remember that we can always do something for a person in need. We never run out of options because there is always a solution. It just may take time to find and/or create. To always seek God for help in our efforts and to treat those we serve as if they were our Lord Himself.


We are working toward securing a site to work with people in Ocean and Atlantic County and to develop a shelter system. Ocean County at present has a total of 25 shelter beds with a census of over 500 homeless in need of shelter each and every day. Our hope is to overcome the public sentiment of, Not in my back yard, to a front yard experience in which the homeless are helped visibly, immediately and provided with a safe warm place with a roof and four walls.

What we need

We need the cooperation of each locale’s citizenry, its government and its society. Once we establish our community connections the next major need is funding to be cultivated, secured, to create projects that become solutions to the homeless condition of each and every individual. No more than 12% of donations will be spent on non direct services of those we serve.

231 North New Road
Absecon New Jersey 08201

Thank you for considering us to partner with you to be your homeless advocates and missionaries in Ocean County, Monmouth County and Atlantic County.  Help us help the homeless take back their lives. Donations are tax deductible. No more than 10 percent will be used for overhead