Where does your money go? Below are the answers to your questions.

Haven sends out monthly reports to supporters to keep them up to dateĀ on how their donation is used. We respect client confidentiality, yet structure a method to show our good works with your support.

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Monthly Progress reports for Haven

Business report December Progress 2014

January 2015 Progress Report

Febuary 2015 Progress report

March Progress Report 2015

April 2015 Progress report

May 2015 Progress

June Progress Report

July 2015 Progress report.

September 2015 Progress report

October Progress report 2015

November 2015 Progress report

December 2015 Progress report

January 2016 Progress Report

Febuary 2016 Progress Report

March 2016 Progress Report

April 2016 Progress report

May 2016 Progress report

2017 Progress Mid report

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