2017 Success

Max Malick 35 of Ocean County was living in his mothers living room for four years with his three kids. Thanks to a huge community effort we where able to supply him with a home a vehicle and Furniture. We could have not done this without the help of our Partners and the Community. Van dyk Group, Peoples Pantry Tomsriver , Mr Matters Habitat Of Humanity Of Tomsriver, Luminer Foundation, Asbury Park Press, and all who donated.. Thank you for your help and support.

Steve Hemberger 61, was truly down on his Luck he broke his ankle and did not even know it. We where called out to his site and where able to help him get out of the woods get his I.D and Birth certificate and housing while his foot heals. Steve was Helped by us in 2014 Tent city Closer, But lost his housing to a lack of funding and work due to I.D barriers. We fixed that problem. Ms Judy of TomsRiver Community Church has been very helpful with Steve as well.

Have has brought hundreds of Homeless families over the last three years back to life. Over 3,000 families have come through HAVEN / Beat the Streets Inc. services from the streets.

2014 Haven Homeless Facts…

  • Over 68 people have been housed by Tent City Lakewood Project and helped with furniture essentials and transportation.

  • Over 450 people served with bagged lunches by partners on the streets of New Jersey cities.

  • Joined Drug awareness with Teen Challenge from Newark NJ and Ocean County.

  • Joined Counties to help housing difficulties in Ocean County And Atlantic County .

  • Helped find jobs for 30 newly housed from Lakewood Tent City and non Tent city residence.

    We have a three story 13 apartment Building Located in Atlantic City for low income and Transitional living.

  • Helped 60 families navigate through a complex Social Service with real resources out of homelessness…

For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. – John 3:16-17 NLT

Lisa out of the “Woods”


Lisa Mazza 50 going into her new home from homelessness.


In photo above Lisa Mazza and Bill Southrey CEO/Haven Beat The Street Inc.

Lisa Mazza 50′ we found living behind Dennys’ in Absecon NJ. We started putting her in hotels and brought food and clothing. we advocated for her with multiple services. It was a trying battle. Yet after six months of fighting she was accepted into JFS in Atlantic County and on  November 30, 2015 she entered her new home. We have helped get her furniture and met needs of the home for her.

Big O

Otha Pratt 61, of Egg Harbor Township talks to a reporter outside a motel in Barnegat, Wednesday April 1, 2015. The former homeless man and others have been helped by HAVEN/Beat The Street Inc.  Otha and Bill Southrey have a long history stemming back to the Mission.  He never forgot what Bill Southrey did for him, turning a gangster from the Bronx to teaching him to be a God Fearing Man.


In 1982 Daniel Smith was the youngest person to stay in the Atlantic City Rescue Mission where he met Bill Southrey. At the age of 12 he slept on a couch outside of then Executive Director Rex Whiteman’s office. Bill and Daniel have remained close and often worked together over the years. He currently rents an apartment from HAVEN.  


Outreach effort 2014 Monmouth Atlantic Ocean Counties 2014


Above hotel stays Marianne Dunnkosky 51, and her daughter at the Route 9 motel in Barnegat which  they call home in Ocean County. We found the Dunnkoskys in the woods before a rainstorm last week and again provided them temporary shelter by providing $1,500 for the March stay in Barnegat. The funds came from donations. 4/1/2015 ,  4/26/2015 They are currently working on a more stable home.


Above Her New Home

Marianne Dunnkosky 51 Now stands on her front porch thanks to Haven and Ocean Mental Health. She moved into this home December 1,2015 and is so happy to be out of the woods. she will hold stable residency for at least the next 5 years.



 Below Martin Truex Jr and Kimu Burgos 9/25/2014


Kimu Burgos 42, a former Tent City Homeless Shelter resident at Martin Truex Jr. Foundation event.  (V.I.P in photo above 9/25/2014) We have helped him from tent living to having his first home in nearly 20 years. Kimu has a long road to full rehabilitation but he is one of many cases we deal with in taking back their lives.  He is featured in our first news letter Volume 1



Kimu Burgos and Paul Hulse  June 2014 photo above


In 2014/2015 we created a warming center in Barnegat NJ. With Grace And Peace church we provided warm meals donated by the People’s Pantry Relief center and our very own volunteers made homemade meals and we distributed them throughout the county in the winter month. Successfully helping over 300 Families in the winter months in Southern Ocean County. Below is the store front church we used a welcome warming center. Hours of operation where Tuesday 12:00 to 8:00pm and Fridays 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Also open for emergency snow storms or Nor’ easters storms.



William Sutter 42 . We  helped him re-establish his license and get his vehicle back on the road so he can reconnect with family in Florida. Originally a Lakewood Tent City Homeless Shelter resident.  Pictured above: We took him to a NASCAR Show Day to have some fun!  September 2014


Will Brown 50, found himself in Tent City searching for life changes. He felt God called him to the camp to lean how to manage life in the wilderness. He said he had it all there.  Donations where always coming in.  People always tried to help Will, but  he could not help himself.  Battling addiction and a struggling relationship, he found himself stuck.  Featured in a film of the camp, having a great life at the camp was a true illusion and only temporary.  Will strived for more.  He received his one year of housing with his girlfriend Mo in 2014.  He got a job but was still struggling with life.  As it came to the end of his one year of housing,  he learned something new. When you’re relentless about something, you mean business.  You’re not stopping until you get what you want, and you’re not taking “no” for an answer.  HAVEN and their team continued to teach Will to take ownership of his responsibilities and strive to do more.  Because Will developed an all I can do attitude, he is still in his home and is learning life is worth fighting for.  He also has the heart to give back.  We told him from the beginning you give a man a fish and he will eat for a moment.  If you teach a man to fish he will eat forever.   As of March 2015 Will and Mo are on the right, track keeping their faith in God. The also plan on getting married.  2015

Ocean County
Ocean County


A couple we work with named Will and Mo, were a part of the now debunked Lakewood Tent City. At the end of Lakewood’s Tent City, agencies and organizations were working around the clock to help make sure that the homeless residence of Tent City, had somewhere to go, since Tent City was being shut down by the county. Will and Mo were assisted by S.T.E.P.S., a court appointed agency, assigned to assist them and other tent residents, get into housing for up to 12 months. Our organization helped S.T.E.P.S. move former Lakewood Tent City residents into their new homes. Will and Mo were two of the 61 people we assisted, with getting them situated into their new homes. We helped by supplying furniture vouchers, water, rental trucks, social workers, homeless advocates, rides to jobs, doctor visits, food pantry visits, and assisted with toiletries, all with help from the Monmouth University School of Social Work.
As you know, twelve months goes by very quickly, and those people who were put up in housing, are finding themselves homeless, once more. Some have been able to maintain their new lives and remain in their homes by paying rent, but many are finding themselves homeless, once again. Mo and Will are a success story, and through all the ups and downs, they have managed to not give up hope and work hard to keep from going back to living in the woods. Today they are still in housing and going in the right direction in their lives. Mo and Will were not given up on, and we remain in their lives to help keep them on the right track. We want to keep doing what God has called us to do, however, without the necessary funds to do this, our organization can only help so much. Please consider donating to our organization so we can end homelessness, and have more success stories, like Mo and Will. Everyone needs help, some just need more than others. We love doing God’s work, please help us continue to make a difference


John Torraz

John Torraz 60 , former resident of Lakewood Tent City, found himself lost and broken when his long time girl friend passed away.  We brought John to Grief Share at Assembly of God Church in Toms River on Bay Ave.  We also let him volunteer his time at the Haven building in Atlantic City. I am proud to say John has his license back and has  his car back on the road.  If you are looking for a good carpenter inbox us.  2015.


Greg Maple 60 ,A former resident of Lakewood tent city got his 12 months of housing from Lakewood. Towards the end he found himself homeless right before his lease was up. His home he was in was condemned. We rescued Greg and set him up in HAVEN in Atlantic County. He is a veteran and fought for our country. Today he lives peacefully in his home with two other X Tent city Residence.   They share a three bedroom apartment in HAVEN.

More Success Stories to come!

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